Q   ‘Do I need to bring a towel?’

   A    No, we provide towels for you.

   Q   ‘Are there lockers for my clothes,   

         phone etc?’

    A   Yes, lockers are provided free of

         charge. You have your own key

         which you will keep with you

         during your visit to access

         your locker whenever you need to.

   Q   ‘Do I need to bring shorts to wear?’

   A   Most guys just wear their towel, but

         if you’re a bit shy then shorts etc.  

         would not be a problem.


   Q   ‘What about safer sex issues?’

   A   Condoms and lube are freely  

         available at the Spa. They are 

         provided in conjunction with

                The Eddystone Trust     

         along with literature to ensure  

         gay and bi men can live a healthy

         sexual life.

   Q   ‘What is the etiquette?’

   A   Manticore Spa is not a private club,

         you’re free to use the facilities as    

         you wish provided you are

         respectful to the surroundings and

         other users of the spa.

   Q  ‘What if somebody makes advances

        toward me that I don’t like?’

   A  A simple ‘Sorry, no thanks.’ is         

        usually enough to show you’re not

        interested. However, somebody is       

        persistent, and won’t take no for an   

        answer, just let a member of staff 

        know.  Your complaint will be                

        handled in total confidence. 

   Q   ‘Is naturism/nudity allowed?’

   A   Yes it is. So be prepared, you may 

         see naked men!