Get ready to shake your booty aboard the Jolly Rodger! There’s most likely gonna be some Friggin’ in the riggin’ with Seaman Stains, and with so many more Pirate themed innuendos, you’re not going to want to miss the chance to pillage and plunder at our Pirate themed event.  

Do I have to dress up for the party? No, every year we have a theme, some people dress up, some don’t, towels are still provided, but dressing up will add to the fun, the sense of occasion, and you might win the best dressed prize.

Do I need a ticket? You’ll save a few quid if you do get a ticket beforehand. Tickets are at usual entry price of £12. Discount rates also still apply for under 25’s (£8) and MOD (£10). Tickets are available now from reception, or can be purchased over the ‘phone and mailed to you for an additional £1.50

On the night entry will be £15 or £12 for under25‘s.

What’s happening on the night? It’s our birthday party and a chance to have some serious fun. Our birthday party is easily our biggest night of the year, and therefore the biggest all male event in the southwest. Drinks are at our usual fair prices with Pirate themed cocktails, and as a thank-you for being great supporters of Manticore we don’t charge for mixers on the night of our birthday.

Will lockers be available? Yes, we endeavour to provide everyone with a locker, however as in previous years we may have to run a secure cloakroom system if we run out of lockers. It’s secure and you can always access your belongings through the night, just as you would with a locker.

Saturday 7th October 2017 8pm-6am