Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gay sauna? 

Gay saunas have a long history worldwide, as places for guys to meet, relax, flirt and spend time together. They are discreet places where not only gay guys, but also bisexual and curious guys can feel free to express themselves. You never know who you’re likely to meet, which is part of the excitement. 

Manticore Spa is a friendly venue that welcomes guys of all ages, shapes and sizes. You’ll find the atmosphere much more accepting and less judgemental than people can be in online situations, and of course, you can actually see someone in real time and space, no fake profiles or endless hours being messed around. 

Manticore provides a safe space for guys to meet up. It’s also the perfect place to take someone you’ve met online.

What’s the etiquette?

Manticore Spa is not a private club, by entering, you’re not committed to anything. You can use the facilities as you wish, providing you are respectful to the surroundings and other users of the Spa. 

Most guys, if they’re interested in you, will make it known by a gesture or a compliment. If you’re interested in him, then there are private cabins for you to spend time together. If you're not interested, a polite, ‘sorry, no thanks’ should be enough to stop an unwelcome advance. If this doesn't work, just let a staff member know and we’ll discreetly sort it out for you. 

Can I wear items of clothing?

Most guys undress, leaving their clothes and personal belongings in their locker, wearing just the towel provided. However, if you’re into cross-dressing or wearing other items that you find sexy, just let reception know. They will just want to verify that what you want to wear will be safe and hygienic whilst on premises. 

What about safer sex issues?

Condoms and lube are freely available throughout the Spa. Safe sex information is also available onsite. We also offer HIV and Syphilis testing on the second Tuesday in any month, 14.30-17.30. The Eddystone Trust do the rapid tests involving only a little pinprick on the finger, and you get the result straight away. 

How Busy is it? 

Unlike many saunas, we’re happy to let you know how many guys are onsite before you pay at reception. We can’t discuss how busy we are over the phone, so please don't be disappointed when we refuse to do so. 

Any age restrictions?

Yes, you need to be over 18 to enter. Please bring ID, passport or driving licence, to verify your age and qualify for reduced price entry. 

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